Dulce de leche (homemade caramel)



I like to make a few cans at a time, that way I could have some on hand if I would need when baking. After boiling you could leave in your pantry or in fridge (wherever you got some room), try to use during first three months after cooking, depending on the brand, after three months it could become sugary; which isn’t very good.

Dulce de leche


  1. Water is a must! The water needs to be over the cans at all times, if you see your water is below the cans, while boiling pour in more water.
  2. Boil on medium heat, for exactly two hours. Set timer from the time you turned on the stove. Through out the two hours, just make sure water is above the cans.
  3. After two hours, take cans out and leave them out on counter or in fridge for them to cool down. 

Dulce de leche


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