Quick Raspberry Jam

raspberry jam



  • Fresh raspberries
  • Sugar

fast raspberry jam

The reason I didn’t put the amount of raspberries and sugar in the ingredients is because it all depends how much you have.  For each cup of fresh raspberries you add 1/2 cup of sugar. So it all depends on how much raspberries you picked.


  • Wash your fresh raspberries. (Throw the bad ones away, that you might have picked.)
  • Into a large bowl, add 1 cup of washed raspberries and 1/2 cup of sugar.  Or you could first count how many cups of raspberries you have and then add in the sugar. 1 cup of raspberries to 1/2 cup of sugar

quick raspberry jam

  • With a masher,  squish the raspberries, mixing with the sugar. (  I like to have some whole raspberries, so I smash a little and then just mix with a spoon)
  • Let stand for 1 hour.

fast raspberry jam

  • After an hour, pour into plastic containers, and put in the freezer. Then just defrost when you are ready to eat it.

quick raspberry jam

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