Why I Quit Blogging


I have been putting off this post for a total of six months now. After blogging about various recipes for a year, I’ve learned that it’s not quite what I want to be doing at this stage in my life. Lately, I’ve really gotten interested in organic foods, so much so that I’m just tired of cake. No more cake! Imagecooking was started with my sister-in-law and I, but about a half a year into blogging, my sister-in-law got the exciting news she had been waiting for: She was pregnant with her second baby! She slowly quit blogging, and I continued trying out new recipes. However, I soon became tired of cooking so many potatoes and cakes, as Imagecooking was just a place for random, homemade recipes.

So I quit blogging? Not really.

I want to eat and think with my health in mind, and I want my kids to eat healthy. But, I still want to continue blogging. I read tons and tons of healthy, organic dietary blogs and books to increase my knowledge of healthy eating. After that, I had an idea to make more salads. After a talk with my close advisor (my husband), I quit Imagecooking. Just quit cold turkey! Let me tell you, what a relief! No more cakes, no more potatoes, and instead more greens, more colorful produce, and a great example for my kids!

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If you need any recipes from imagecooking, please save them to your computers. The recipes will no longer be available after this month.

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  1. My computer has been broken since September and when I finally had it fixed I saw you message -that you’ll be taking this website down. No, no, no! I come to your blogspace almost everyday and look for recipes and everything I make always turns out so good! Please, please, please keep this website!!!!! You’ve put in so much work, please don’t just delete it?

  2. Please don’t delete it darling. It is awesome with step by step pictures. I am a student and i found your recipes very easy to prepare as well as healthy. I am learning cooking from great cooks like you people who are blogging simple and healthy recipes. I really want to start a food blog to record all my cooking adventures. It is really sad that you stop blogging. Anyway all the best for your new plans in life. Thank you for all these wonderful recipes.

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