About ImageCooking

Hello and welcome to ImageCooking.com, an authentic blog for foodies! I am so excited that you found my blog.

I will admit that I was not a huge fan of cooking until my teen years gave way to my early adult life. I started cooking every day since the day I got married. Experiencing new recipes and working to make what I already know better. Most of the recipes I know and share are from my mom, sisters, relatives, or I develop them myself. So you can expect a selection of some authentically organic dishes, prepared with lots of love and culture, which you and your family can also enjoy. You’ll also notice that I’m very big on images too; and this is because I’m personally not too keen on having to try out recipes without visual aids, left to wonder how the end-product is meant to look.

I’m a HUGE organic fan, with the prospect of discovering new ingredients available in organic igniting great excitement in me. The recipes I make in my kitchen all contain organic ingredients, or at the very least natural ingredients when their organic counterparts are not yet available.

A Little More about Me

I grew up in the Northwest, which is also fondly known as the evergreen part of America, suitably so too since it is green all year round and inspiringly beautiful. Almost a decade ago, I met the man who’d go on to be my husband, who hails from Canada and that’s where I’ve been living since. We’re happily married, with three silly and extremely energetic boys and they keep us busy and in stitches the whole time. My husband and I endured a long-distance relationship, compounded by a three-hour time zone difference. After he called me one day, and we subsequently met five days later, it was also when we saw each other for the very first time, and that’s when he proposed. While planning our wedding, which was fast-approaching and only two months away (he is spontaneous like that), we completely overlooked the honeymoon, which subsequently didn’t happen. So, in a bid to make up for not having a honeymoon, we go somewhere big every year. As we traveled through many of America’s states, and across Canada also countries like Australia and France, my passion for food and cooking grew, so too my recipe collection — a passion I’d love to expand further while visiting London, which I’d love to go to someday.

Why ImageCooking?

Before marriage and children, I wasn’t one who stayed home, with work, college and church activities I was always on the run. I had to adjust to my transition to being a stay -at-home mom. After my kids started school I wanted to do something for myself, which led to the birth of ImageCooking.com. As much as it gives me great joy to stay at home and experience the daily joys of raising kids.

Aided by my sister-in-law and some of her recipes (she’s been a great help, in the beginning). Through ImageCooking.com and the internet, in general, I can stay in touch with others and share with them my recipes and cooking experiences.

Want to know a bit more?

When the idea came to me to create my food blog (December 2013), I didn’t realize that it’s not as easy as it may seem. I started on wordpress.com, and that lasted for about two weeks until I got my hosting and turned to wordpress.org. I had to read and learn how to create a blog and work on a theme. I downloaded a theme and put it together on my own; it may not be the best theme for a blog, but I was proud of myself that I did it. I started to learn plugins, SEO and different little things the internet had to offer for personal blogs. I still have so many things to figure out, and create things how I vision it. If you are one who has been thinking about starting a blog I can tell you for sure, it is possible. Imagecooking has been up since January of 2014 and hey you found me already.

Thank you for visiting www.imagecooking.com — please share your experiences with me, in the event that you made any recipes found here, whether you added to them or left something out.

Not something I planned on doing when I just start, however, I recently put up some advertising and links on the bottom of recipe posts from amazon where you can find the kitchen items I use to make that recipe. Yes, I do get a small commission for any sales made from these links. Any support is well appreciated.

Thank you for visiting Imagecooking.com



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